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Many people have taken advantage of great buys at auction, foreclosures, and short sales. Now you are required to be the leasing agents, landlords, and maintenance technicians of these properties. If you are finding that it takes more time and attention than you expected, please give us a call. We have professionally trained staff dedicated to management services. Give us a call to discuss any of the specifics. We look forward to developing and building new relationships with you!

Benefits of Our Professional Property Management:

• Decreasing expensive turn costs by volume discounts with many vendors

• Technically skilled and licensed maintenance staff that are paid hourly as opposed to contractors, which are paid by the job with premiums for late night and after hours emergency calls

• Professional resident screening helps to reduce damages, legal costs, and evictions

• Full accounting reports provided to you every month

• Our experience and knowledge of the business reduces your liability as an owner

• Licensed real estate agents that can help you identify investments that will rent easily and possibly provide more return on your investment

• Lessens the stress associated with managing real estate investments yourself, so you can spend more time with your family or doing the things you enjoy

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