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3 Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Complex Safe

April 16, 2022

Apartment complex safety is a big concern for renters and property management alike. Keep up tenant retention by making sure your apartment complex is as safe as possible. Follow these tips to keep your apartment complex safe:  

#1 Keep It Secure  

Have a good security system in place. Tenants don’t want anyone to be able to enter their buildings and spaces that they pay for. Hire a security guard or team to make sure there are no unwanted guests on the premises. Keep common areas protected from outsiders by ensuring that only tenants with the proper pass or keys can enter. Consider installing doors that lock with a passcode for even more protection. These codes should be changed regularly to ensure no old residents or guests with the code can enter. 

As an extra precaution, install security cameras in public spaces like parking areas and common spaces like the laundry and pool. Maintaining a well-lit property not only helps your tenants to feel safe while walking around the property but also makes it so that your cameras can record clear images.  

Hiring a property management team can help keep your rental property secure and well-maintained. Property management can filter out unruly tenants and perform background checks on any prospective tenants. Making sure your renters uphold their lease agreements keeps the place secure and reputable.  

#2 Keep It Maintained  

Maintenance is an integral part of keeping any rental property safe. Making sure the building structure is in good condition prevents injuries that could happen. Routinely check stairs for safety and secure handrails/guardrails to prevent accidents. Clean and maintain the HVAC system and water heaters once a year to make sure they are working properly. 

Check fire escapes and test fire alarms and smoke detectors regularly. In addition to making sure fire alarms work, make sure your tenants know the fire safety precautions and exit strategies for the building. Keep exit signs and instructions visible throughout the building.  

If your building was built before the 1970s, it may need even more updates to follow modern-day codes and guidelines. If the electricity hasn’t been updated, then that will need to be done. Buildings now require GFI (ground fault interrupting) outlets. These are three-prong outlets that help prevent electric shock.  

You may also need to test the paint for lead. Lead was commonly used to paint properties before 1978. Any chipping lead-based paint can cause lead poisoning, and you could be held liable. If the paint does test positive for lead, you must legally disclose it to any current tenants or prospective tenants. This could deter tenants from renting your property, so it may be best to totally rid the property of any lead-based paint (with professional help).  

#3 Be Insured  

Another way to keep your apartment complex safe is by making sure you and your tenants have the proper insurance coverage. Talk to your local insurance agent about purchasing a landlord insurance policy. Having the proper coverage for any liabilities or damages keeps you, as the landlord, safe from economic loss. As the landlord, you can also make it a requirement for any prospective tenant to have renter’s insurance in order to live on your property.  

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