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Meet the team who strives to help you everyday.

Jean - President and Business Owner

Also known as the boss around the office. She has an extensive Real Estate education and a Master’s Degree in Experience. When she is not directing employees she may be found reading a book or hanging out with her grandchildren.

Hunter - Vice President

It’s a family thing! Raised in the property management business and keeping that tradition alive. Has a few kids, a few dogs, and too many hobbies to keep up with. When working he can often be found not working!

Terry - Maintenance Supervisor

The grease and gears behind our maintenance division. His experience in property maintenance and day-to-day management make him a huge asset to MMC. When he is not overseeing maintenance operations he is likely hunting or working on the farm.

Paige - Asset Manager

Educated, opinionated, and dedicated. A hometown girl who stands up for what she believes in. She is the go-to person for many things and is an asset to our company. Who would guess that her favorite color is black and that she loves gloomy days!

Winifred - Chief Financial Officer

She goes by Fred and accounting is her specialty. Keeping the books, answering questions, and working with our managers is a tall task so she needs her coffee and sometimes chocolate! When away from the office she is probably relaxing at home or spending time with her son.

Lacie - Bookkeeper

The high pitched voice you hear from the back office! Being educated to handle business allows her to fit right in with our team. She loves Dr. Pepper and her two wiener dogs!

David - Director of Operations

Serving in our Military and holding a Master’s Degree in Business are a few notable achievements. He can fix what needs fixing and organize what needs to be organized. Most fall weekends he can be found enjoying a bit of bourbon and watching football!