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Professional Property Management in Rutherford County

Murfreesboro, TN is a wonderful city for all kinds of renters. From students attending MTSU who need off-campus housing to families looking to settle down in a friendly city, Murfreesboro has a high demand for rental apartments and homes. If you are a property owner or investor and find yourself wishing for assistance in day-to-day property management, you’ve come to the right place.

At Management and Marketing Concepts, Inc., we are the property management company you can trust with your Murfreesboro, TN real estate investments and rental properties. Our experience combined with our commitment to maintaining high customer service standards make us a top choice among local property management companies.

What do you do if you have invested in a property to rent but find you cannot keep up with management and maintenance? Hire a property management company like us! There is no shame in admitting you need assistance with your properties. MMC boasts a staff that has been professionally trained to handle any and all property management needs, concerns, and even catastrophes. Murfreesboro, TN real estate investors and rental property owners can count on MMC to provide top quality property management services that allow you to rest easy by leaving the daily work to a trustworthy partner.

Propery Management Murfreesboro TN

Benefits For Apartment Complex Owners

Reduced Liability and Exposure

We conduct professional resident screenings that assist in reducing your liability for damages, evictions, and legal costs. Our experience works to your advantage.

Less Stress On You

Managing property can become a significant time drain and source of stress for a one-person operation. With our management team on your side, things run more efficiently, allowing you to return to the activities you love.

A Partner That Understands the Industry and Market

We are completely focused on the Middle Tennessee area - specifically Rutherford County - so our understanding of the market is unparalleled among our competitors. Our years of experience managing all kinds of properties mean there is no issue we don’t know how to handle.

Licensed Maintenance Staff, Not Contractors

We provide maintenance workers that are not only skilled, but licensed and paid hourly. Their commitment to excellent service is much higher than that of contract workers.

Reduced Cost for Overall Operation

By working to lower the liability you face, we are already saving you money. Our relationships with local vendors allow us to enjoy volume discounts, thereby decreasing your turn costs.

Opportunity for Future Investment Prospects

Our licensed real estate agents can scout the market for further investment properties you may be interested in. We know what will rent and what will provide more ROI.

Murfreesboro, TN Properties We Manage

We love managing Murfreesboro, TN apartment communities! See some of the complexes we manage now, and give us a call at 615-849-9006 to secure our top-notch property management services for your apartment community.

We also have experience managing houses, townhomes, and condos.

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