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4 Signs You Need a Better Apartment Kitchen

March 27, 2020

Your kitchen is where you will spend a lot of time in your apartment. Whether it is sectioned off or open-concept, your kitchen is likely close to your front door and is one of the first things people see when they enter your apartment. Regardless of whether you love to cook, you need a kitchen that is highly functional for apartment living. Here are 4 signs your kitchen is not good enough, and that you should consider searching for a new apartment.

Your light fixtures involve a fluorescent tube. If changing a lightbulb in your current kitchens involves removing a large rectangular fixture cover, it’s time for a change. A kitchen with track lighting or pendant lighting will modernize the space. And not only will it look more attractive, it will help you to see better when you cook, too. No one wants dim, poor lighting when they’re chopping vegetables with a sharp knife!

Your pantry is small or nonexistent. In some complexes, laundry hook-ups are found in the kitchen. It is great to have in-unit laundry, but this layout sacrifices much-needed storage space for dry goods, pots, and small appliances. More modern or luxury apartments feature plenty of pantry space for you to store the items you need.

Your kitchen has old vinyl floors and outdated cabinets. Old vinyl tiles can have a green/yellow hue that darkens a kitchen space rather than brightens it up. Other times, the cabinetry is simply too similar a shade of brown as the flooring. These days, modern apartments are built with a sharper eye towards design. A faux wood luxury vinyl floor in the kitchen, for example, with grey or white cabinets. This contrast in color creates a more open, airy look in a space that is likely smaller than a single-family home’s kitchen.

You don’t have a dishwasher. This one is a no-brainer. Anyone who has had to hand wash dishes day in and day out knows how tiring it can be. A dishwasher may seem like a luxury, but you can find them in most modern apartments. This is one that should be a “must have” on your list when you go apartment hunting!

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