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4 Tips for Halloween Decor Safety

October 23, 2020

As Halloween approaches, people everywhere are beginning to decorate their houses and front yards as haunted mansions and deserted graveyards. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun! And while it is easy to go all out (because who doesn’t love spooky Halloween decorations?), it is important to consider potential safety threats that exist when using significant amounts of electricity to power your decorations. Consider these 5 safety tips as you decorate for this Halloween.

Do Not Exceed Electricity Limitations

It is important to be aware of how much electricity your decorations are using in total and ask your apartment management about the limitations of their circuit breaker. If you overload your unit’s electricity, you could cause a power outage across the complex or worse, a power surge that could permanently damage your apartment’s appliances.

Use LED Lights Whenever Possible

While other types of bulbs are not always inherently dangerous, LED light bulbs present the lowest risk of fires because they produce very little heat. Not only this, but LED lights draw power more efficiently than other bulbs and are far less likely to overload an outlet because of that. Furthermore, they are more suitable for outdoor use and last significantly longer than their counterparts. If you carve pumpkins and wish to display them in your apartment or out on your balcony, do NOT use real candles to light them up. Battery operated LED lights are an excellent and safe alternative, and some you can even program to turn on at a certain time of night! You can still have the best Halloween decor in the complex and stay safe.

Only Use Outdoor Decorations Outside

While this might seem obvious, you might be surprised to find that a particular decoration is not recommended for outdoor use. The reason behind this is that an electronic component of a decoration could become damaged by water or wildlife. In the worst-case scenario, this could cause an electrical fire. Before you use any electronic decoration outside, always check the warning labels. And of course, before placing that blow-up ghost on your apartment’s balcony, always ask your management team whether outdoor decorations are permitted!

“Child-Proof” Interior Decorations

If you have children, expect that they will try to play with any decoration you have on the inside of your home. Toddlers present a great risk of electrocution because of their tendency to chew on things. Do not leave electrical decorations in places that your child could reach them in order to prevent harm to them. This same principle goes for pets such as dogs or cats.

So as you plan for the upcoming holiday, consider these four tips to keep you and your loved ones safe during “Spooky Season.”