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4 Tips for Preparing Your Residents and Property for Winter Weather

December 10, 2021

Unless you live in proverbial paradise, you’re most likely going to see some form of extreme weather this winter. Some residents may be new to this type of climate and may need some tips and tricks on how to best live under Mother Nature’s wrath. Here is a little neighborly advice and seasonal reminders to spread to your residents when it turns cold: 

1) Dress appropriately 

Layering in any climate (even paradise) is key. Winter weather can be nasty and cold in many locales, and it can even bring on precipitation. The biggest concern when stranded outside is to keep warm and dry, so wearing a weather-resistant outside layer is best. If it comes to it, remove any wet layers to avoid hypothermia. Vaseline can be an added protection when applied to any small, exposed areas of skin that may become beaten with wind. Overall, be prepared with clothing options. 

2) Prepare your car 

This is also a great place to store more “options.” Keep a blanket, emergency kit, and water in your vehicle in case you become stranded in winter’s worst. Make sure your tires have good tread for slick conditions and add antifreeze (preferably a pet-safe kind) to your tank. De-Icer with a hardy handheld scraper can chip and melt away at accumulated ice. Keep some cat litter and a small shovel near your emergency kit to aid the tires in finding traction if needed. 

3) Prepare your home 

Exterior hoses should be disconnected from the spigots. Outdoor furniture should be stacked and away from doors to avoid blocking escape routes. Gutters and downspouts should also be clear and operational to keep water away from the building and to prevent damage. If you have a fireplace, do not use it unless it has been recently inspected and properly maintained. Although fire is a concern in winter months, the most pervasive concern is freezing pipes, so let your faucets drip at night and open all cabinets surrounding plumbing to allow heat to do its work. Keep the thermostat set at a minimum of 60 degrees to ensure proper heating of the pipes to allow water flow. Staying warm and dry is a priority! 

4) Be neighborly 

The exterior and grounds are usually maintained by the property management company’s staff, but when extreme weather hits, that may not always be possible. Help your neighbors out with keeping the facilities and common areas safe and clean for everyone. When shoveling parking lots and walkways, pile the snow and ice onto grassy areas. Offer a helpful push when a neighbor looks stuck. Rock salt can also go a long way to make some stairs and slippery surfaces safer for residents. A little shared neighborly love can warm everyone’s cold day and make this place feel even more like home.