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5 Advantages of Living in a Luxury Apartment Complex

July 9, 2021

Apartment living does not mean you must compromise on your list of “must haves” when shopping for your next place to call home. While some complexes may choose neutral or bland designs and keep floor plans basic, luxury units provide discerning renters with personalized touches and upscale furnishings. As you search for your apartment, keep in mind the following advantages of selecting a luxury apartment complex over a standard space. 

Reduced Hassle

In traditional rentals, you will not have as many amenities compared to a luxury apartment. Luxury units often provide high-quality appliances, washer and dryer (not just a hookup or shared access), stylish tile and lighting, and even premium-grade flooring and countertop materials. This minimizes your need to provide additional appliances like a washer and dryer of your own. You will also be able to match your modern decor to the luxury fixtures, accessories, and existing color palate.

Pampered Pets

Luxury apartments are known for offering improved amenities for residents, and furry friends are no exception! At many complexes, you will find ample paved sidewalks, grassy areas, and perhaps even fully-fenced dog parks. These dog parks are typically exclusive to residents and less crowded than public dog parks. Your apartment may even have special touches to help your dog or cat feel more at home, such as a built-in nook for a cozy bed or perfectly placed windows for birdwatching. 

Work-From-Home Optimization

With many companies transitioning to hybrid or fully remote work models, you may want to consider how you can comfortably work from home in your new apartment. Even if you live in a one bedroom unit, your luxury apartment’s floor plan may be optimized for a home office. Look for recessed nooks, open floor plans, and transitional spaces such as a dining area or kitchen island that can help accommodate your workstation. For those without roommates, a two bedroom unit can be even more ideal and offer a multi-purpose space for work and occasional guests.

Quality Finishes Built to Last

Upscale apartment complexes use high-quality materials when finishing out each unit. This can include authentic granite countertops, real wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and plumbing fixtures, dimmable can and pendant lighting, and even built-in wood paneled mud rooms. Don’t forget to check the fixtures in the bedrooms and bathrooms too. You may want a ceiling fan when you sleep, and ceramic tile flooring can be an important feature of the space where you get ready each day.

Attention to Detail and Service

In addition to quality fixtures, advanced amenities, and thoughtful floor plans, luxury apartment complexes value unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. Your investment in a luxury rental includes a team of professionals to assist with your maintenance, safety checks, and routine upkeep. They will often hold networking events and social gatherings to help you meet other residents. Luxury complex managers want their residents to experience both the comfort of home and fun social experience of apartment life. 

If these benefits are appealing, you may want to take a tour of a luxury apartment complex as you search for a new rental. Check out Vintage Burkitt Station, MMC’s luxury apartment complex in South Nashville, to schedule an in-person visit today.