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8 Reasons to Move to a College Town

June 11, 2021

Whether you lived there during your academic days or are returning after time spent in larger cities, there are many benefits to moving to a college town. From entertaining and accommodations to jobs and the cost of living, college towns can be fun and affordable places to live. Here, we highlight a few reasons to move to a college town like Murfreesboro, TN. 


You will find ample dining options at a variety of budgets in a college town. This is often because students are looking for delicious mid-priced food, but you will find more formal dining options too. The food service industry is a very common and flexible job for college students to hold while in school, and this brings a strong workforce to the city’s dining scene.  


It is not uncommon for universities to put restrictions on the number of students who may have a car on campus, often leaving freshmen without a vehicle. Other students may choose to leave their car at home to save on the cost of campus parking. For this reason, college towns are typically walkable with easy access to public transportation. All residents can benefit from living in a city with amenities nearby. 


Universities are often a major employer, offering opportunities for professors, administrative staff, business development, marketing, and more. This creates ample career opportunities for both residents and recent graduates. You will typically find a number of large and small businesses in a college town as well, and these offer jobs crossing a variety of industries.  


One popular feature of a college town is entertainment in all forms. Universities and social clubs are known for hosting community events such as artisan markets, food festivals, and cultural events. While some of these may be geared toward college students, others are intended to bring the community together. Off-campus entertainment can often be found through music performances, live comedy, nightlife, theater, and more.  


Universities attract and recruit students and staff from across the globe. This creates an exciting and enriching campus experience, and the diversity also extends into the community where students and faculty live. If you like meeting new people from unique backgrounds and cultures, you’re sure to enjoy life in a college town. 

Sporting Events 

Many colleges have popular athletic teams, and schools may be known for excelling in one sport or many. Games are often social events as well, bringing together food, entertainment, and more. Games are often held on the weekends and evenings when students are not in school, making it possible for members of the community to attend as well. 


Schools that offer medical and nursing degrees are often affiliated with a nearby hospital. These hospitals are usually on the cutting edge of technology. Top doctors are recruited to train medical students performing work-study and internship programs at the hospital, and these doctors also provide care for community members. 


Housing is frequently more affordable and available in college towns, especially as the student population changes each year. You can find homes and apartments in a variety of styles and layouts, and many feature multiple bedrooms to suit both families and college students with roommates. 

If you are considering a move to a college town, Murfreesboro, TN is a great city to consider. With its proximity to multiple universities, Murfreesboro has something to offer residents of all ages. To learn more about living in Murfreesboro, contact a housing expert at MMC Properties today!