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Advantages of a Furnished Rental vs. A Non-Furnished Rental

May 8, 2020

You’re looking for a rental house, but you’ve noticed that some come furnished while others come unfurnished. Which option is better? Truthfully, both have their advantages, and the answer to which option is right for you depends entirely on your needs and your budget. 

Furnished Rentals 

The main benefit of securing a fully or partially furnished rental is, of course, that you don’t have to purchase furniture. estimated that the average person spends $8,176 on furnishing a new apartment – and that doesn’t even include the cost of decorating. The number is undoubtedly higher for furnishing an entire home. Many renters already own furniture that they can bring into their new home. For those that don’t, though, the cost savings of renting a furnished apartment or home can be incredible. 

There is always the chance that the furniture provided for the rental unit is not to your liking. However this can be easily solved by placing slip covers over furniture and adding decorative accents that are more suited to your personal style. If style is extremely important to you or if you do already own plenty of furniture, it’s probably best to steer clear of a furnished rental. 

Unfurnished Rentals 

If you already own furniture you’ll be bringing with you into your rental, selecting an unfurnished unit is a no-brainer. However not everyone has this luxury. As mentioned above, the cost of furnishing a rental can be steep. It is possible to furnish a rental on a budget as long as you plan properly. Try to shop for furniture from consignment stores, checking local listings on platforms like Facebook marketplace, or even buy from a retailer known for low prices, such as IKEA. Another advantage of renting an unfurnished unit is that you get to decorate it to suit your personal style. 

If you have pets, there is always the chance they could damage your rental unit. If you live in a furnished unit, this could mean the destruction of property that does not belong to you. The cost for replacement will probably come from your deposit, which no one wants. If you furnish your rental with your own items, there is less of a risk you will owe your landlord for any damages. 

Furnished or unfurnished rental? The choice is yours! Check out our own rental units today.