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Apartment Storage Hacks: Making the Most of Your Square Footage

February 5, 2021

If you have found the perfect apartment, one of the first things you may want to do after signing the lease is determine how to furnish it. If you’re relocating to Murfreesboro or the surrounding areas, you may even be moving from a house into an apartment. While your style doesn’t need to change, you’ll want to get creative with storage and furniture placement in order to maximize your footprint. Here are six tips for making the most of your new apartment’s square footage.

1.  Minimize to Maximize 

While it may be tempting to pack up everything you own and bring it to your new apartment, moving is the perfect reason to cull through your clutter. Whether you’ve been holding on to old clothes, hair care products, or larger items like kitchen appliances you’ve never used, now is the time to decide what you do and don’t want in your new home. When you’re limited on space, an excellent first rule is to minimize any unnecessary items so you can maximize your potential to grow into the apartment and make it your own.

2. Think Multi-Purpose

Many pieces of multi-purpose furniture can be found online, locally, or second-hand; some have even been designed specifically for smaller spaces. If you’re in a one-bedroom apartment but need a place for visiting friends or guests to stay, a fold-out couch might be for you. A makeup vanity or desk can also double as a bedside table. Even a piece that seems to serve a singular function like a coffee table may have storage inside for books, blankets, and more. By combining the purpose of your larger furniture pieces, you can save space on the floorplan. 

3. Look High and Low

While it is vital to know where you want to place your furniture, you can also make the most of your square footage by adding storage in unusual places. Does your closet or pantry have a flat upper shelf? By obtaining a few simple baskets, you can store and organize items you want to keep but do not need to access on a daily basis such as hats or seasonal accessories. Do not forget the space under your bed too – by placing a few shallow bins under your bed or couch, you now have extra storage for shoes, handbags, or even bed linens. When you store your gear above or below existing furniture, you can keep your favorite items handy without wasting space. 

4. Create Intentional Places

Many apartments and condos contain more open floorplans, which allow residents to customize the space to suit their needs. When planning your own layout, think about the intentional places you want to create. It will be easier to build your space around central objects such as a couch, desk, or bar countertop that you know you’ll use frequently. Also, consider where you will spend most of your time in the apartment. For example, if you work from home or attend school virtually, be sure that an office area is on your list of intentional places. If you love to entertain and make meals for friends and family, choose a kitchen table or bar stools that will suit your needs. When your home is set up to match your lifestyle, you will feel more at ease. 

5. Select For Your Space

While this tip may seem obvious at first, it can be overwhelming to know how items will look all together in your apartment. When you measure each room and the items you need to place there, you eliminate any surprises, such as the item being too large. If you’re a college student, you may plan to change apartments once or twice as you live with other roommates. Selecting items that fit within your space at MMC Properties can help to eliminate the hassle when it comes time to move, especially if you plan to stay at your current complex or transition to another MMC property. 

6. Amenities – Use Them!

Many apartment complexes offer amenities to residents. This could include open amenities such as a gym, game room, or swimming pool, and perhaps even larger common areas such as a club room or small theater. These spaces may be available to reserve when entertaining large groups. Instead of taking up added space for personal fitness equipment or large furniture for entertaining, consider using the fantastic amenities available to you. MMC Properties can help you select the correct apartment complex based on your needs, location, and lifestyle.