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Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Apartment

September 4, 2020

Putting your personal touch on your space under the limitations of renting can be difficult. Looking at the existing style of the unit while apartment shopping will give you an idea of the kind of furniture and other decor you should look for. Clashing colors and unplanned design can make your apartment look like a flea market – all over the place. We’ve put together a few tips for you to utilize while you prepare to move into your brand new home!

Nature Inspires

As we’ve seen this year, nature has become a big hit among homeowners and renters around the world. Many wish to feel like they are living in a cottage surrounded by greenery while actively living in the city. If you wish to give an apartment this kind of cozy, natural feel, stick with warm neutral or earth tone colors and decorate with natural materials like wood or rattan. Don’t forget plenty of house plants! If you wish to give off a more relaxed beach environment, choose the colors of the sand, sky, and ocean. Natural color schemes are a great way to bring about a peaceful and calm environment throughout the apartment. Don’t go overboard with the natural look, though. Subtlety is key, and two or three colors will do the job!

Utilize the Color Wheel

Utilizing the color wheel is essential when it comes to design of any kind. The 12 colors are arranged so that analogous colors are right next to each other, and complementary colors sit opposite each other. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than simply choosing colors that are “close enough” to their counterparts. Choosing too many different tones, shades, or tints can cause stress on your brain. Sticking with similar color schemes to avoid oversaturation. Undertones that clash can ruin the look of complementary colors, so keep this in mind when you choose your color scheme.

Too Much of a Good Thing Makes it Bad

The color scheme you decide to pursue should speak for itself but disappear in the background. You don’t want people to be caught staring at walls while you are talking with them. Play it safe by sticking to neutral colors, but remember to find hues you like and incorporate them into the living space. If you’ve chosen 3 colors and it feels a little limited, adding a little more is okay, but stick to five at the most. 

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