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Creating Community: How to Foster a Friendly Atmosphere at Your Apartment Complex

August 20, 2021

Apartment managers certainly do not have an easy job. From the bustle of giving tours and welcoming new residents to the stress of dealing with multiple tenants’ concerns, it can be easy to become frustrated. However, your residents call your property home and it is vital to provide a friendly atmosphere so that they’ll stay for many years. Here are five tips to help create a positive community. 

Resident Activities

Everybody loves a fun event to get them out of their apartment and meet new neighbors. Activities can be simple, such as a resident appreciation day offering donuts and to-go coffee as residents leave in the morning. Larger events are great to hold monthly or quarterly, giving residents plenty of advance notice. Ideas could include cornhole night, board game playoffs, or watching a major sporting event. Consider event themes that will attract all age groups so everyone has something they can enjoy. 

Local Collaborations

Your residents love living in Middle Tennessee, which is also why they chose to call your apartment complex home. Reach out to local businesses to ask if they would like to co-host an event with you. The business benefits by gaining new local customers, and you benefit by providing your residents access to a unique experience. Your “Taco Truck Tuesday” or “DIY Wreath Making” events could become a weekly occurrence for your guests! These fun, collaborative activities also take some of the stress of planning off your plate.

Well-Kept Amenities

Another way to keep smiles on your tenants’ faces is through the amenities you offer. These do not have to be luxurious or over the top, but they should always be clean, well-maintained, and operable. If an amenity such as a car wash station or fitness equipment remain unusable for too long, residents will start to grumble and complain. 

Respected Rules

Rules are an important part of ensuring your community stays happy. Establish a no-tolerance policy for noise after a certain time, cleanliness around common areas, and trash and recycling. These rules empower your residents to take care of the property alongside your maintenance staff. By giving them a sense of ownership, they will take pride in the community you create and want it to be a pleasant place to live for all residents. 

Recruit An Expert

Sometimes it is important to realize that the best way you can help your residents stay happy is by asking for help. A property management company can alleviate some of the stress that results from overseeing multiple aspects of your apartment complex. The friendly staff at MMC Properties can help you manage your community. Services include marketing your investment, screening applicants, processing tenant paperwork, and overseeing maintenance requests. With the help of their team, you can spend more time creating a positive environment for your residents. 

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