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Five Smart Technologies to Consider Installing in Your Rental Properties

March 18, 2022

With the increasing popularity of smart devices, you may want to consider upgrading your rental properties with smart technology to attract more tenants. Technology has become easier to access, and many devices can work together through Google or Amazon Alexa. Here are five smart technologies you should consider installing in your rental properties:  

Smart Locks  

Security is important to renters, and knowing that their entries are secure can ensure tenant retention. Smart locks can be expensive to install at first, but they pay for themselves in the long run. Many smart locks have keypads so they’re not vulnerable to lock-picking, and you won’t need to pay to change the locks after each tenant, so these are ideal for apartments. There are smart locks that can be locked or unlocked through an application on the phone from anywhere, so it will ease tenant anxiety.  

Most of the smart locks with keypads still offer a traditional key for those that don’t entirely trust or rely on technology.  

Smart Thermostats  

Smart thermostats can be connected to WIFI giving the ability to change the temperature from anywhere using an application. These are not only more eco-friendly but can also be budget-friendly as they cut down on the cost of the energy bill. When people aren’t home, they change the temperature to cut down on the cost of their bills.  

Many people use smart thermostats to turn off/on the thermostat or change the temperature while they’re away. Depending on the weather, you can turn on the heat or the air to create a more comfortable environment when you get home. 

Smart Lights 

Smart lightbulbs are becoming more popular. You can connect them to an AI device like Google or Amazon Alexa to use voice recognition to turn on or off lights. There is also the option to control lights through an application. So, if you forget to turn off the lights when you leave, or you want the lights on when you get home, you can control them from wherever you are. Some lightbulbs can change color depending on what mood or brightness is preferred.  

Water Leak Detectors  

Water leak detectors are a good investment and relatively easy to install. The device goes near plumbing and monitors water and humidity levels and sends you an alert when they rise. These devices can help to prevent flooding and costly water damage. 

Smart Fire Alarms  

Most people have dealt with an annoying fire alarm that won’t stop beeping or give a false alarm. Smart fire alarms alert your phone when it goes off, so if you’re not at home you’re aware of any potential fires that may have started.  

These alarms test themselves regularly to make sure they’re working properly and also alert you when the battery is running low, so you don’t have to deal with annoying beeps. If there is a false alarm, you can silence it from your phone so you don’t have to get up on a ladder or chair to stop it. 

Installing these smart technologies in your rental property can increase interest and tenant retention in your properties. If you are in need of property management, consider MMC Properties. MMC Properties is a premier property management company in Middle Tennessee, serving the greater Nashville area of Smyrna, La Vergne, and Murfreesboro. To learn more about the services we offer, call (615) 849-9006 today.