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Five Things to Look for When Renting an Apartment for the School Year

August 6, 2021

Heading off to college at Middle Tennessee State University can be one of the most exciting periods of your life. It is a time to learn and shape your future, meet new friends, and discover new passions. This may even be your first time living on your own or without your parents. As you hunt for an apartment close to the MTSU campus, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here, we have gathered the top five things to look for when renting for the school year. 

Great Location

You already made an excellent choice by becoming an MTSU Blue Raider and choosing to attend college in Murfreesboro, TN. This city has ample opportunities for part-time jobs and internships, along with pleasant apartment communities that are great for students. When you are creating a list of your top properties to tour, don’t forget to consider the surrounding location as well. Think about the proximity to a grocery store, gas station, and restaurants. Drive past the houses and businesses close to the apartment complex and determine if the neighborhood is right for you. You might be looking for a quieter environment to study and relax, or a livelier spot for socializing with friends.

Affordable Cost

Be very realistic with your budget when you begin to look for apartments. Murfreesboro certainly has some luxury complexes that offer incredible amenities and aesthetics, but these may be out of your price range as a student. A good general rule to consider is whether or not the monthly rent exceeds about 30% of your income or allowance. If it does, you may want to look at other properties. Some facilities will require you to disclose your income or have a co-signor as well. Finding a comfortable and affordable apartment is not hard in Murfreesboro, and you will have many options to choose from.

Quality Amenities

As a college student, you will want to have most of the conveniences from home to help save you money and time. Look for units that include a washer and dryer or laundry room to avoid taking trips to the laundromat. Storage space is also important, especially if you live with roommates and are sharing common areas. Apartments with ample kitchen cabinets and pantry space will come in handy when you and your roommates move in. 

Comfortable Floor Plan

As you plan for your furniture needs and discuss what each of your roommates will bring to furnish the space, review each unit’s floor plan. Make sure the furniture you have will fit well in the apartment. As a student, you will probably want to have a desk in your room for studying. Check to confirm that each bedroom has space for a bed, desk, and chair. A great way to decide if a floor plan suits your needs is to take an in-person tour of each unit you are considering. 

Quick Commute 

In addition to liking the local community and surrounding amenities, your apartment should also have a commute that you are comfortable with. Think of the convenience in the event that you plan to make lunch at home each day, forget a book, or want to take a break before an evening class begins. Having an apartment close to MTSU will allow you to feel part of campus life, while also having your own quiet space to study or relax with friends. If your college classes start early in the morning, you may also need to drive during rush-hour traffic. By choosing a spot that is close to the MTSU campus, you can ensure you are never late for class! 

There are many affordable and comfortable apartments for students in Murfreesboro! To take a tour and see what suits your needs, contact the team at MMC Properties at (615) 849-9006 today.