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Four Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Deal with By-Owner Rentals

February 12, 2021

When searching for your new rental, it is vital that you like the house or apartment – and who you’re renting from. If you choose to rent from an individual landlord instead of a property management company, there can be some additional challenges to keep in mind. Here are four reasons you may want to consider choosing a rental management company when looking at apartments.

Challenging Repairs

When you rent from a single owner, all your repair requests are going to that same person. The owner may rent multiple properties or even have a full-time job, making them harder to get ahold of when things need to be fixed. Your repair could take longer, depending on if there are other requests the owner has prioritized. Even worse, the owner may not have the funds on hand for more costly or safety-related repairs, leaving you in a bind. 

Lack of Professional Standards and Accountability

The landlord of a by-owner rental is, more often than not, simply one individual who owns and rents a dwelling. You are renting from a person, not a company. That means you will have to be prepared to work with a person who might be having a bad day or is too busy to speak with a tenant. While this is considered unprofessional, there is no company to manage the landlord and hold them accountable to professional standards. 

Poor Communication

Rental companies often use a variety of communication tools to manage their residents’ needs. These companies may have a main office where tenants can speak with someone in person, a phone number for after-hours emergencies, and even online forms to book repairs and maintenance services. By-owner rentals rarely offer these communication tools, and it can be months before you can speak with the landlord face-to-face. 

Full-Time Attention

By-owner rentals typically do not employ a diverse staff that can meet the needs of residents. If the landlord has a full-time job, travels frequently, or perhaps even lives in another city or state, you will not have the dedicated attention you may need in an emergency. A rental company is more likely to hire staff with backgrounds that relate to various aspects of property management. They also ensure that residents can receive assistance, no matter the time of day because emergencies can happen when you least expect them. 

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