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Furnish Your Apartment or Rental Property on a Budget

July 9, 2022

Furnishing an apartment or a rental property may seem expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can start with only a few pieces of furniture that you need. The key is to have a list of what you need and know what your budget is. The more money you have, the more furniture you can buy. Try not to spend all your money on one or two pieces of furniture unless you need them—like a mattress! Here are some helpful ideas and tips to help you furnish your new apartment or rental on a budget:   

Know What You Need  

Make a list of the furniture that you need. Prioritize the furniture that you need first. Also, make measurements so you know what will fit in your space. Bigger furniture is usually more expensive, so opt for smaller pieces instead. A twin-sized mattress is considerably cheaper than a queen size, and you can always get a bigger one later if you need it. Look at this list of what you (probably) need:  

  • Mattress  
  • Shower curtain  
  • Table (can be used to eat at or used like a desk)  
  • Sofa/lounge chair  
  • Dresser  
  • Nightstand   
  • Bedframe  

Whatever you add to your list, make sure to buy things in the order that you need them the most. Everyone needs a mattress for healthy sleep, but you may not need a nightstand when you first move in. You may also want to have a table and a chair to eat or work at. 

Shop Big-Box Stores  

Go to big-box stores to find cheap furniture that you assemble yourself. The furniture is often not of the best quality, but it’s a quick and easy solution to furnishing your place. Be careful because spending too much money at these big-box stores is easy.   

It’s easy to add a bunch of stuff to the cart because you’re in awe that it’s so cheap! However, when you’re in the checkout you’ll realize how much everything adds up. Make sure you go to these stores with a list of what you plan to buy. Also, consider purchasing your items online and picking them up in-store if possible. This way you will see how much your cart is worth before checking out!   

Go to Furniture Outlets  

Furniture outlets are a little pricier than big-box stores or shopping secondhand, but you will find high-quality furniture at a discounted price. At a furniture outlet, you’ll be able to find past season, overstocked, or gently damaged goods marked down in price. You may have to wait for your furniture to ship to your house.   

Try to time your purchases around holidays that carry big furniture sales like Labor Day, July 4th, or Black Friday. Outlets and other furniture stores tend to have pretty big sales around these holidays to compensate for lower sales during the summer and fall. You should be able to catch some big deals and furnish your apartment or rental space for a lot less.   

Consider Secondhand Furniture  

The best way to save money is to buy furniture secondhand. You can ask your family and friends if they have any old furniture that they would be willing to sell you. You’d be surprised how much furniture people keep because it’s easier to stow it away than throw it away.   

Drive around town and search for garage/yard sales. You can often find treasures that people are selling for cheap. Consider browsing sites like Facebook Marketplace to find secondhand furniture for sale in your area.   

Go to your local thrift stores. You can probably find a good piece of furniture or décor that will make your apartment feel homier.   

Rent Furniture  

Renting furniture is always an option! Consider renting your furniture, especially if you know you won’t be staying in one place for too long. If you travel a lot, renting furniture will just be easier and more cost-effective than buying new furniture and trying to sell it every time you move. If you’re a traveling nurse, a student, or even a part of a military family, renting furniture can save a lot of time and money.   

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