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Halloween Activities You Can Do at a Rental Property  

October 28, 2022

The spooky season is finally here, and you may wonder what’s the best way to celebrate in an apartment community. We’ve got your back! From community social events with your neighbors who share a love for all things Halloween, or more simple arrangements that everyone can enjoy without feeling too spooked!  


Community Movie Night  

If you want to get your residents involved in movie night this October, consider renting a projector and a screen (any white wall or white sheet also works!) and providing snacks. Throughout the month of Halloween set aside times every weekend or just one big event where everyone can come together at their own convenience with friends and family! To thank them for being a part of the community, we recommend preparing treats alongside some drinks! You can also ask residents if they want to bring anything to share, like candy to give to little ones!   

You could also let people vote on which film will play during these screenings by allowing voting via social media–who knows what might end up being chosen? Just make sure there are no children (unless accompanied by adult supervision) watching any super gory movies!   


Pumpkin Carving Contest  

What rental unit can carve the best pumpkin? Ask your tenants to sign up for a pumpkin carving contest while you supply the pumpkins! This is a great way to get members of the community to come together and have a little fun. Families with small children will especially love this!   

This can easily be done in a parking lot or community center on the premises. Just make sure there’s a cleanup crew after so nothing is left behind!   



We can’t forget trick-or-treating! This is an integral part of every Halloween and shouldn’t be missed! Encourage your residents to provide candy for trick-or-treaters. Many people often think rental properties don’t allow trick-or-treating! Make sure you advertise it to residents so they don’t go elsewhere, and bring your community together for this fun and thrilling holiday!  


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