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How to Clean Up After Holiday Parties  

December 31, 2022

If you’re like most people, you probably had a few holiday parties over the past month. And if you’re also like most people, those parties likely resulted in at least some level of mess and clean up afterward. But don’t worry–we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to clean up after your holiday party so that you can get back to enjoying your festive season stress-free!  


Have a Plan for Your Leftovers  

It is always important to be prepared when cooking for large groups. Have a plan in place for dealing with the inevitable leftovers. Some possible solutions are to give them away–perhaps offer to take them to your co-workers or family. By having a plan in place and using the resources available, your fridge won’t be overloaded with leftovers that go bad by the time you get to them.   


Don’t Let Dirty Dishes Pile Up  

It can be tempting to let those dirty dishes pile up in the sink, especially when life gets too busy. But why let mess and bacteria fester while you’re too preoccupied to deal with it? By washing dishes immediately after use, not only will you enjoy a perpetually clean kitchen, but you’ll also drastically reduce the time that needs to be spent washing them all at once. When dirty dishes stay in the sink too long, it can lead to odors and even attract bugs! Staying on top of this chore is an easy way to make sure your cooking area stays squeaky clean!  


Vacuum and Mop  

If you spill anything on the floors of your apartment, it’s best to clean it up right away! Keep a carpet stain removal cleaner handy to get up any tough stains that may occur. Don’t let a small stain be the reason you don’t get your security deposit back! 

Vacuuming and mopping your floors regularly is an important part of a thorough cleaning. It can eliminate dirt, dust, and crumbs quickly and efficiently. Not only does it remove debris but it also helps get rid of germs that can spread throughout your home. Vacuuming can help pick up the most stubborn particles so you don’t have to worry about tracking dirt around your house. Mopping can remove any remaining contaminants from the surface of your flooring and provide a shining finish that will make your floors gleam for days. So don’t forget to vacuum first then mop each area to ensure your home looks its best.   


Wipe Down Surfaces  

Be sure to wipe down all surfaces, such as countertops, tables, and chairs with warm water and soap or a disinfecting wipe. This step is especially crucial if someone in your household or one of your guests has been ill. Taking this extra precautionary measure will ensure that the spread of germs is minimized and everyone stays safe.   


Take Out the Trash Regularly  

Taking out the trash regularly is essential for ensuring that garbage doesn’t pile up and overflow. It’s important to empty your garbage can regularly. Doing so will ensure that it doesn’t become overfilled, leading to an unpleasant smell or attracting unwanted bugs or critters.   

Additionally, keeping the garbage can emptied consistently will help you save time and energy when it’s time to take out the trash–this way you’re not struggling with an overflowing can each week. Taking out the trash regularly is a small task that can have large rewards, so start getting into the habit of taking care of your trash to reap the benefits.  


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