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How to Keep Your Apartment Cool in the Summer

May 13, 2022

The temperature in the summer can get quite hot, and even though you’re inside you may suffer from the intense heat. Here are some ways to keep your apartment cooler in the summer so you can sit back and chill: 

Keep the Blinds Closed  

A lot of heat can enter your home through your windows and can be very energy inefficient. The easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your apartment cooler during the summer is to keep your blinds closed during the hottest times of the day (typically 12-3 PM). Most apartments come with vinyl blinds, but if you need more protection to block heat, consider buying some black-out curtains. Black-out curtains block out light and can keep your apartment temperature controlled.  

If you’re living in an older apartment, the windows probably aren’t energy efficient. Try using window films that keep out heat and UV rays while still allowing light to shine through. You can easily purchase these online or at your local home goods store. They are easy to apply and remove without leaving any damage behind—perfect for apartments! 

Use Fans  

Fans are your best friend when it’s hot outside. Fans help circulate the air and keep it cool. If your apartment has ceiling fans, make sure the blades are switched to rotate counter-clockwise– it’s been proven to keep the air cooler than if they rotate clockwise.  

Consider purchasing some portable fans that can help circulate the air if you don’t have ceiling fans. You can even position these fans to work with each other in order to achieve the maximum benefit. Box fans that you put on the windowsill can be used to suck hot air from the room, but you’ll need to position them so the air blows out of the window. 

A little hack to keep your room even cooler is to place a bowl of ice in front of your fans. You can replace the ice when it melts and enjoy cool air all day long.  

Turn On the A/C  

Not every apartment has an A/C, but if you do then you are set to enjoy a nice, cool summer. Find a temperature that works with your space that you can deal with. If you want a cheaper energy bill, then go a little warmer with the temperature to use less energy. The hotter it is outside, the harder your A/C will work to keep the place cooler.  

If your A/C has an auto feature, it can keep the place at your set temperature throughout the day and save you some money on your energy bill. Another option is to turn the temperature up by a few degrees on the A/C when you’re not home. The A/C won’t have to work as hard when you’re not home, and you can save some money on your energy bill. You could also turn it off completely, but if you don’t want to come home to a sweltering apartment then you may want to leave it on.  

It’s important to change the A/C filters at least twice a year to get the most out of the air conditioning. Make sure your landlord changes the filters to keep the air flowing properly. These filters also help with allergens. If you have window units, make sure to clean the filters. The filters in window units are reusable, but you should clean them periodically to keep the window units in good condition.  

Avoid Hot Appliances  

Your stove and oven will make the temperature rise in your apartment. It’s best to use them later in the day when the temperature isn’t as hot. Or, you can opt for heatless meals or use a different method of cooking like a slow cooker that doesn’t emit as much heat.  

Switch to LED Lightbulbs 

Regular lightbulbs can raise the temperature of your apartment by a few degrees. LED lightbulbs also emit heat, but it’s significantly less than regular lightbulbs do. LED lights are also more energy-efficient, so you will be happy not only with the cooler temperature in your living space but also with your energy bill.  

Cooler Showers 

Cooler showers can keep your bathroom cooler and not as steamy. Hot showers can also leave you dehydrated, which can cause health problems. Opt for cooler showers so you don’t overheat. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and stay away from foods and drinks that could dehydrate you like salty snacks and coffee.  

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