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Making Your Student Apartment Feel Like Home  

September 23, 2022

It’s normal to feel a little homesick if you’re away at college. You’ve likely spent all your life at home, so being away and on your own may make you feel lonely sometimes. You can make your “home” away from home feel more comforting and welcoming by following these simple tips:   



It doesn’t matter where you live, but nowhere will feel like home if there’s no furniture! Some apartments come pre-furnished, which may make your life a lot easier. However, if you don’t want to look at pre-furnished apartments, there are simple (and less expensive) ways to furnish your apartment.   

For starters, you’re going to at least require the basics: a mattress, a bed frame, and a table and chairs. This table can also function as a desk to work at if you don’t want to buy a desk. Unless you want to sleep and eat on the floor you should at least have these few furniture items.   

If you’re moving into a place with roommates, you should discuss the common area furniture and who will supply what. Try to make it as even as possible so it doesn’t feel like one or the other person’s place. You’ll probably want couch/lounge chairs and some end tables in the common living area.   

Don’t forget the lights! If your apartment is dark and dreary, it can become depressing to spend time in. Pick up some lamps to brighten the apartment. Consider using fun lamps and colors to add even more color and flair!  

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If you have roommates, you should probably double-check with them before decorating common areas. After all, it’s their apartment too! It’s also important to make sure that all your décor follows your apartment rules. You can always use adhesive strips and hooks that won’t damage the walls—but you should always make sure it’s okay with your property management/landlord.   

Consider incorporating throw pillows, blankets, and rugs into your space. Pick out your favorite colors or designs and these items will immediately bring life into any dull room!   

Even if your roommate disagrees with your décor ideas for the common area, you can still decorate your room (or side of the room) however you like. Hang up photos of your friends and family, posters, paintings, string lights, etc.—whatever makes you feel cozy! Making your space your own will immediately make it feel more like home.   

Having a couple or more plants will also bring some color and life to your apartment. Some plants like succulents or air plants are fairly easy to take care of (unless you’re cursed with a “black thumb”) and can be left alone for days at a time. If plants are too much for you, there are plenty of faux plants to choose from!   



Try incorporating scents that remind you of your home into your apartment. If your apartment allows candles, buy a scent that you love and reminds you of home and burn it whenever you feel homesick. If your apartment doesn’t allow candles, you can try essential oil diffusers or reed diffusers to disperse your favorite scents around your place.   


Make It Student-Friendly  

As a college student, your number one priority should be your schoolwork. Make sure you have a place to study and get your schoolwork done. Keep your apartment clean and organized—a clutter-free space means it’s easier to focus and get stuff done!   


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