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Organization Hacks for Your Apartment

June 11, 2022

Have you ever lost your phone or your keys in your apartment and spent hours trying to find them? Or maybe you’re looking for a specific shirt and you just can’t find it anywhere. Living in an apartment doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Organization can look different for everyone, but if you’re struggling to keep your space in check, we have some tips and tricks that can help you out. Here are a few organization hacks to utilize in your apartment:   

#1 Start Small  

Starting small can motivate you to continue organizing the rest of your apartment. Work on clearing the table. Do some laundry and put away your clothes. Clear off the countertops in your bathroom. Once you’re done with one task, the next task won’t feel as overwhelming. You don’t even have to tackle the whole apartment in one day. Start with one room and move to the next. It can be done through multiple days, and weekends—whenever you have the time and energy.   

Have extra trash bags on hand in case you come across something you don’t want or need anymore. Consider going through your closet and donating old clothes to a local charity.   

#2 Designate Spaces   

Allocate space for specific functions. Your main living area can hold multiple functions, but rooms like the bathroom and bedroom have those names for a reason. As easy as it is to eat a meal in bed while watching your favorite show, try to keep food in the kitchen and dining areas. When you’re done eating, clean your dishes right away so they don’t pile up in the sink. Seeing a sink full of dishes when you need a plate or a glass can feel really overwhelming. Rather than clean them in one fell swoop, it’s easier (and less time-consuming) to wash as you use them.  

Organize your kitchen by having designated cabinets or drawers for objects. Consider keeping all your spices together and have a cabinet for storage containers and dishes. Keep your cutlery in the same drawer. Buy a tray that you can put in your drawers that helps you separate them by function, so you don’t need to dig for what you need.   

#3 Utilize “Wasted” Space  

Even if you live in a small space, you may have space that you didn’t even know was possible. Consider using adhesive hooks or shelves on the walls for keys, books, and other miscellaneous items that can take up space. You may also want to purchase furniture that boasts extra storage capabilities, such as ottomans that can host blankets or a couch with storage inside. Follow the proverb, “a place for everything and everything in its place.”   

If you have space under your bed, perhaps it’s time to purchase some storage containers that can hold blankets or out-of-season clothes when you don’t need them. Save even more space by using vacuum sealable bags that shrink the space items like clothes or comforters can take up. Label storage containers so you can remember what is in them. If there are things you need that are stored, this can make finding them significantly easier and save you time digging through bins.    

Looking at your apartment after it’s tidied and organized is like a breath of fresh air. It’ll feel like a brand-new space and will feel bigger when there’s not as much clutter in line of sight.   

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