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Renter Friendly Decorating Hacks

April 23, 2022

Just because you rent your space doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into your own! There are plenty of alternatives to renovating temporary spaces that can make it feel like it’s yours. Stick to décor you can easily remove without any damage. Here are a few ways that you can change up your space that will make you and your security deposit happy: 

Stick to Stick Ons 

There are so many ways to change up a space’s appearance using contact paper, removable wallpaper, and even stick-on tile. You can get creative with how you use them. You can use stick-on tile to create a kitchen backsplash, and you can create fake marble countertops with contact paper! If you like stainless-steel appliances, but your rental doesn’t have them, you can use contact paper to mimic the look.  

You can make any wall an accent wall with some removable wallpaper in any color or print. The options are endless. Consider using washi tape to create designs on walls or use it to hang photos or posters. It leaves no residue behind and is easy to remove!  

Utilize Color 

Most rental spaces are a mix of boring beige walls and carpets. Add color wherever you can to cheer up your space and cater to your own aesthetic. Placing a rug over a carpet might seem pointless, but a colorful area rug can create a beautiful focal point that distracts the eyes from the heinous worn carpet. You can consider asking your landlord or property management if you can paint the walls. Sometimes they’ll say yes so long as you agree to paint it to its original color before you move out.  

Add some more color by painting furniture in fun colors that you enjoy. Hang up pieces of art on the walls using easily removable adhesives—no drills needed. Consider purchasing a roll of heavy-duty double-sided tape that is meant to hang up objects like frames and floating shelves. If you put up floating shelves don’t put anything too heavy on them or they might fall.  

Plants are a great way to add some color to your space—and they freshen up the air! If you have too many allergies, or pets that like getting into plants, then consider purchasing some faux plants. They still look great and you don’t have to deal with watering or cleaning up after a curious pet.  

Lighten Up 

Most rentals will probably have boring vinyl blinds on the windows. For added décor consider hanging up some curtains to add more drama and pizazz to your space that you can close whenever you want privacy. You can use adhesive hooks for the curtain rods. For added privacy, window films are easily removable with no mess—and they’re reusable! Depending on which window film you purchase, some also block a portion of UV rays that travel through the window and help keep the temperature down inside during the summer.  

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