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Security Best Practices for Multifamily Rental Properties

May 14, 2021

When you own a multifamily property, the safety of your residents is always a top priority. Although you hope never to experience a concern, there are a few key steps you can take to protect each tenant. Below, we outline four security best practices for multifamily rental properties, and how MMC Properties can help safeguard both you and your renters. 


Proper outdoor lighting can go a long way in deterring those who may cause harm. Walk through your property at night and take note of areas that will be highly trafficked at all hours, such as breezeways, parking areas, storage rooms, dog parks, and mailboxes. These areas should have bright, clear lighting that illuminates the entire space. In areas that link these main spaces, you may want to install a few motion sensor activated lights as well. This can alert any residents if someone is approaching them. Your property management company can help maintain this outdoor lighting system, ensuring bulbs do not burn out and leave residents in the dark. 


Installing security cameras and signs stating the property is under watch can be a major deterrent to intruders. Most individuals seeking to harm apartment tenants are hoping to be as quick as possible in their illegal actions so they do not draw the attention of other guests. They may even appear to look, act, and dress like others who live on the property. For this reason, having a security camera shows possible intruders that their face has been recorded, and if anything were to happen, they could be identified on camera even though no residents may have noticed anything was amiss. Install cameras at all entrances and commonly used areas, along with signage stating the property is under 24-hour surveillance. 


Similar to how the appearance of security cameras and signs can improve overall security, attractive landscaping can also discourage crime. Residents want a property they can feel proud of, which fosters a greater sense of community. This community watch will become another form of security, as residents grow more vigilant to protect their home and neighbors. Another added benefit of landscaping and building upkeep is that it shows intruders this property is constantly cared for. Because many landlords have busy schedules with families and full-time jobs, your multifamily rental property can be maintained by the team at MMC Properties. 

Routine Maintenance 

It is vital to conduct checks of all doors, windows, any alarms or keypads installed on both apartments and main entrance gates. This should be done on a regular schedule, and again any time a tenant moves out. Change any manual locks and ensure key codes are reset. Even though a faulty lock on a second-story window may not seem like a big deal, you never want to make it easy for burglars. This is an excellent reason why a property management company might be right for you. MMC Properties’ staff of professionals can handle this routine maintenance, especially as tenants move in or out. By keeping each unit’s entrances and exits secured, you are reducing the chance of an intruder being able to access the property without attracting significant attention.

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