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Summer Pool Activities for Your Community

May 6, 2022

If your rental community has a public pool, you may want to consider some of these fun ideas to bring your community together at least a few times a month.  

Host Water Game Tournaments 

Holding a water game tournament is a fun and relatively cheap way to help bring the community together! Water games like water polo, water volleyball, and water basketball are easy to play and extremely fun. Putting up a hoop or a net is pretty easy and you don’t have to drill holes into any concrete. You can add an incentive to win the tournament by offering out gift cards to a local restaurant or coffee shop as a prize. Make it fun for the kids by having a separate tournament for them with water toys or inflatables as the prize for winners.  

Invite Food Trucks 

Inviting food trucks to the community pool during the day can really help out a local food truck business. On hot summer days, shaved ice or ice cream will be a delectable treat that your tenants are sure to enjoy by the poolside.  

Consider hiring an ice cream truck for an ice cream social day! Kids love ice cream, and this will also let all the kids in the community get to know each other and make friends. Let the community know that food trucks will be there by posting on your community social page or putting up flyers in common areas.  

Offer Swimming Lessons or Classes  

Consider offering swimming lessons for children (or adults!) at your community pool. Swimming lessons are often a fond summer memory for most people, and you and your tenants will be at ease knowing the children know how to swim.  

Water aerobics and yoga have become increasingly popular over the years, as it offers an exercise that is easy on the joints of the body. If you have any seniors in your community, they are sure to love these classes.  

“Dive-In” Movies 

Host a “dive-in” movie event! Using a projector and a white sheet or wall, you can show a water-related movie while people relax around (or in!) the pool. A family-friendly movie about fish or pirates is fun for the whole community! Or, if you want a “scary” movie night when the kids go to sleep you can watch a movie with sharks or other “scary” water creatures.  

July 4th Fireworks  

Fireworks are a staple of every Independence Day celebration. Host a fireworks event (if it’s legal in your area or seek permission from the city) by the pool for your community. If you can’t have fireworks, turn it into a BBQ or a bonfire party with s’mores and sparklers.  

Trivia Night/ Game Night 

Trivia nights are fun for the whole family and require hardly any effort (besides looking up fun facts) and you don’t have to purchase any games. A game night with trivia can bring the community together for a night of laughter and fun. If you want a more generic game night, ask the community to bring some games that can be played in groups at separate tables– and then the groups can rotate between games. 

You can also lookup some fun water games that can be played in the pool. Kids love Sharks and Minnows or other games like Marco Polo. Games are great ways for everyone to get to know each other and become friends with their neighbors! 

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