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The Rise of Smart Apartments

July 10, 2020

When thinking about the future, what comes to your mind? Things in sci-fi media usually come to mind, like robots, holographic TVs or flying cars. If we take a look at the future ahead, it seems more likely to revolve around something precious — time. This is where Smart Apartments come into play. As we evolve, our living spaces should also evolve for the future. Our living spaces should allow us to save time and not just to store things. A space to let us connect to the world and not be isolated. We’ve begun moving into an era where internet connectivity is not an amenity but a utility. 

What Are Smart Apartments?

When you hear about “smart apartments,” thermostats and voice assistants typically come to mind, but smart apartments are filled with intelligence and connected from the inside-out. Smart apartments are defined by three key characteristics:
Smart Amenities: Devices like smart lights, smart locks, doorbell cameras, and integrated services like home cleaning or package delivery.
Connectivity: Buildings are wired from the inside-out to connect devices, building systems, residents, and management.
Community Management: Creating a better living experience for residents by incorporating services that save time, money, and hassle.
Overall, smart apartments have integrated smart amenities, community management, and automation systems into one connected complex. This new way of living is not limited to new constructions. Older buildings can be renovated with these new technological innovations as apartments evolve.

The Future of Smart Apartments

This is not just an “in the future” concept; the future is already here. We just have to pass the finish line. Smart apartments are already making their way into society with all the new builds happening around you. Research has shown that many residents of apartments would much rather have smart home amenities compared to the traditional amenities like a pool or spa. Investing in smart appliances and smart HVACs has proven to save property owners around the world millions of dollars a year. It’s known that we are expecting to face serious challenges ahead, from affordable housing shortages to the growing climate changes. Smart apartments can put a dent in both of these big issues. Smart apartments are more than just a voice assistant in the kitchen; they represent the fundamental shift in how we live our lives.