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Using Technology to Protect Your Apartment

January 17, 2020

If you rent an apartment, even if you have renter’s insurance, you can still take steps to protect your possessions. Technology is constantly changing and improving, and (as long as it is permitted by your complex) there are now some rather impressive and very effective systems available to protect your apartment and its contents. 

Smart Doorbells

This is not your average doorbell. A smart system features a camera that can show you who is outside your door – even if you are not home. Many smart doorbells also allow the resident to speak to doorbell-users via intercom. Since thieves will often knock or ring doorbells to check if an apartment is occupied, being able to see and speak to any visitor, threatening or not, is an attractive security advantage. If you are able to respond to the potential thief, making them think you are home, they may well leave your apartment alone.

Smart Locks

In our modern age, no one should be leaving a spare key under a doormat or plant – especially at an apartment complex where anyone could be watching. These common hiding spots are the first place a burglar will look, and unless you check the spot every day your key could be stolen, copied, and returned without you ever knowing. A smart lock system gives you the ability to lock and unlock your exterior doors from anywhere at any time. Many systems allow you to check the status of your locks remotely, and some will alert you to any attempt to tamper with the lock. You can also create codes for people you need to let into your home. It is important to note that your smart lock system will need strong encryption and two-factor authentication (such as a passcode and a fingerprint) in order to be safe from hackers. As with any alteration to your rental, make sure you check with your apartment management team to ensure smart locks are allowed, and to notify them in case the maintenance team needs into your unit.

Video Monitor Systems

Similar to smart doorbells, a video monitoring system allows you to check up on your apartment even when you’re far away. However, these systems take the surveillance a step further since they can monitor any areas of your home that you wish – your only limitation is where you can set up a camera! If you want to install cameras that give you views out of multiple windows, you can do so, and you’ll be safer for it. Some video monitoring systems even allow users to set up virtual boundaries and the system will alert you if the boundary is breached. Again, it is important to notify your complex that you have set up these safety measures.

Full-Service Security Companies

There are many companies, large and small, that offer full-service security systems. These companies will often install the system for you and take care of most of the monitoring themselves. If you don’t feel comfortable with the DIY approach to home security or are not able to access something like a smart doorbell camera from your cell phone, a full-service company may be a good option for you.

We hope you never need the safety measures that these technological devices afford, but it can give you great peace of mind to know they are there.