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Visit Nearby Nolensville, TN

August 7, 2020

At MMC Properties, our apartment communities in La Vergne and South Nashville are just a few minutes’ drive from the quaint town of Nolensville, TN.

Nolensville, TN is a small suburb located just outside of South Nashville. Just minutes from La Vergne and Smyrna, you can quickly access the many attractions that the small town has to offer.

Nolensville History

In 1797, a man by the name of William Nolen was traveling through the area and took note of the abundant soil and other resources. Along with his family, Mr. Nolen decided to make the area his home. As Nolensville grew and grew, the town became incorporated in 1839 and re-incorporated in 1996. 

Since the re-incorporation, Nolensville has grown exponentially to include many delicious restaurants, fun shops, and other family-friendly attractions.

What To Do in Nolensville, TN

According to, Nolensville, TN is known for the ABC’s: antiques, barbecue and catfish! From Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint to enjoying the annual Buttercup Festival, there’s so much to do in Nolensville, without having to venture into the high-traffic cities of Nashville, Franklin, or Murfreesboro.

Looking to get outdoors? Try the Nolensville Park. With playgrounds, areas for dogs and more, you’ll enjoy all there is to do and have a great day with family and friends.

Want to try something interesting? The Serenity Salt Cave is located in Nolensville and provides relaxation and wellness to visitors. Definitely a must see!

Of course, Nolensville TN offers a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and dining locations for the whole family to enjoy.

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