Why You Should Live in a Luxury Apartment 

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to live, look no further than a luxury apartment. From top-of-the-line amenities to high-end finishes, luxury apartments offer residents a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort and convenience. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider making a luxury apartment your new home. 


Luxury Amenities 

Luxury apartment complexes offer an array of amenities that ensure tenants have access to unparalleled convenience and comfort. These features can range from swimming pools, gyms, and entrainment areas to concierge services, spa facilities, and valet parking. Such amenities are often included in a building’s fees, eliminating the hassle of seeking out a separate gym or pool membership. In addition, having such services readily available can help to diminish stress and provide tenants with the opportunity to enjoy their living space completely. With these services close at hand, luxury apartments provide an efficient and enjoyable way of life. 


Prime Locations 

Luxury apartments that are located in a prime area of the city offer a lifestyle of convenience and luxury. Being situated in a central area means that access to the arts, entertainment, shopping, and restaurants is only mere steps away. Being at the epicenter of the city’s hustle and bustle allows for easy commutes to work or other daily activities. Not to mention, these locations offer stunning views, creating an oasis amid the concrete jungle. Finding high-end housing can be a challenge; however, with luxury apartments in such ideal spots, living life to its fullest can be achieved easily. 


High-End Finishes 

Visitors to luxury apartments are now routinely provided with the very best finishes and fixtures. From the intricately patterned quartz countertops in the kitchen to lavish, walk-in closets, these apartments have only the highest quality features as standard. In addition, top-of-the-range appliances, polished hardwood floors, and other designer touches offer a truly luxurious living experience that is becoming increasingly popular with renters. Whether looking for a modern look or something more classically styled, luxury apartments can provide an unparalleled level of sophistication as well as superior levels of comfort. 


Excellent Security 

Luxury apartment buildings offer a wide range of security features for the benefit of their tenants. These features are designed to provide a safe, secure and comfortable living environment for residents. Typical highlights such as reception lobbies with security guards and video surveillance systems offer an extra level of protection against intruders as well as peace of mind for occupants. Some complexes may also have restricted entry points accessible only through secure keycard-activated doors or access codes, further reducing the risks of unauthorized individuals entering the building. Advanced technology like facial recognition software and special Resident Alert systems may even be included within the luxurious housing customs experience, so building owners and tenants can rest easy knowing they are in good hands. 


Peace of Mind 

Living in a safe and well-maintained apartment provides a great sense of peace of mind. Not only is it an assurance that all necessities like heating or plumbing are functioning as they should, but it also gives the comfort of feeling secure in your home. In addition to this security, having a nicely maintained apartment makes you feel proud to show your home off to others if the situation calls for it. This is most likely due to the knowledge that all needs have been properly addressed in the space, no matter how small they may be. All these factors contribute to helping one feel comfortable and confident in their living situation which can truly add great value to anyone’s life. 


As you can see, there are many reasons to choose a luxury apartment. If you’re looking for a luxurious and comfortable place to call home, be sure to check out MMC’s luxury apartments. You won’t be disappointed! 

Apartment Trends For Renters in 2021

Due to the current rate of population growth, challenges that come with homeownership, and many people’s preference for renting, the demand for multifamily housing will still have a stronghold in 2021. In order to meet these growing demands, multifamily property managers and owners need to pay attention to their residents’ preferences to stay ahead of the new competition and to bring in additional residents to their communities.


Did you know that affordability is still considered the biggest concern for most renters? The number one reason renters plan to move to different communities is because they are seeking lower rent. Depending on the location, a greater emphasis on affordability over amenities could pay off in the coming year. 

Convenient In-Unit Amenities

Renters are always eager to lean towards an apartment complex that features amenities that match their requests. Apartments with features that allow greater convenience for a day-to-day living tend to rank higher than those that don’t. Some of these features are:

  • Garbage Disposals
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Microwaves

These features are sometimes must-haves and renters will not sign on without them. Installing these popular features in all your units may increase the number of interested residents. Some additional smaller wishlist items from renters would be in-wall USB ports, smart thermostats, and TV wall mounts. If you install these additional features on behalf of those renting from you, you will ensure that they are installed correctly and not risk the injury of residents if they were to self-install.


In today’s day and age, we are more and more reliant on the internet and the ability to connect anywhere. It should come as no shock that renters are looking to live in communities that can easily access the web through multiple devices. Two of the biggest community amenities that residents express interest in are reliable cell phone reception and high-speed internet connections. Due to the increase in working remotely, internet access is a high priority for those who are working from their homes. 

Luxury Apartments Are the Future

All of these trends for apartments in 2021 can be found in luxury apartments, such as those that MMC Properties manages. Browse our site to see our luxury living options!

Interior Design Tips for Apartments

Once you’ve moved into your MMC apartment and community, you now have to decorate your new home. For some, this can be an exciting time full of planning and ideas! For others, it can be a bit daunting. No matter if you enjoy or dread interior design, these tips will help you create a timeless appearance for your apartment.

Vintage is Always In

Adding a bit of classic furniture, décor or pictures and artwork to any room will give it a vintage and timeless feeling. To capture that vintage feeling along with your personal style, ask family members for old pieces of classic furniture, old pieces of artwork passed down from previous generations, and for other pieces of décor from your family. These accents of bold colors will brighten your room and create a welcoming feeling.

Another tactic is to search around at flea markets for beautiful furniture and artwork. Make sure it is top condition! You don’t want to make a purchase only to find out that it is worth far less and in terrible condition.

Embrace Neutrals

The majority of modern apartments are created with neutral features so that each tenant can add their own spin on the space without the “bones” of the place getting in the way. Using a neutral color palette as the base of your apartment doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can add bursts of color through artwork, pillows, furniture, or even an accent wall made of removable wallpaper or another renter-friendly tactic.

Be Yourself

The most popular interior design trend will be whatever makes you comfortable and happy. Whether you enjoy a specific color palette, a type of pillow, or want to cover your apartment in beautiful pictures of your family and your children’s artwork, the choice is up to you.

No matter what interior design style you choose for your MMC apartment, be sure that you are comfortable living with that style in your home.

Ready to move into a brand new apartment? Check out one of our many communities today!


Trends Toward Eco-Friendly Apartment Living

In this day and age, we are seeing an increase in the want for eco-friendly lifestyles. The market is seeing more eco-friendly apartments and sustainable building materials. The research has proven that both buyers and renters want environmentally conscious living situations. These homes and buildings tend to have lower energy costs and a greener footprint. You don’t have to buy to ensure that your new living space will be as planet-friendly as you! Newer apartment complexes are built with sustainability and offer options to renters that can make them feel good about where they live.

What Qualifies an Apartment as Eco-Friendly?

The current sustainable home movement has technology playing a big role. Products like smart thermostats and wi-fi connected light controls can help keep energy use in check. Some technology is becoming so advanced that smart thermostats can detect how many people are in a specific room and will adjust the temperature accordingly. With this detection, the thermostat will auto adjust the temperature accordingly to ensure that you are not wasting energy by blasting A/C into rooms that are not being used. Smart technology is now a term that prospective renters can search for in apartment listings using a keyword filter.

Windows can make a big difference in energy consumption – this means your monthly energy bill could be affected! Apartments that are built with more windows let in more sunlight and warmth, which will reduce the need to keep lights on or the heat up during the day. Besides, an abundance of natural light is a high-demand on many renters’ wish lists.

Luxury Apartments Have It All

Your best choice for finding an apartment complex that is as eco-friendly as you is to look for luxury apartments in your area. Not only are they newer and more in touch with current trends, but they also are more likely to have the features you want in an eco-friendly apartment. MMC Properties manages the luxury Vintage Burkitt Station apartments in Nashville.

The Rise of Smart Apartments

When thinking about the future, what comes to your mind? Things in sci-fi media usually come to mind, like robots, holographic TVs or flying cars. If we take a look at the future ahead, it seems more likely to revolve around something precious — time. This is where Smart Apartments come into play. As we evolve, our living spaces should also evolve for the future. Our living spaces should allow us to save time and not just to store things. A space to let us connect to the world and not be isolated. We’ve begun moving into an era where internet connectivity is not an amenity but a utility. 

What Are Smart Apartments?

When you hear about “smart apartments,” thermostats and voice assistants typically come to mind, but smart apartments are filled with intelligence and connected from the inside-out. Smart apartments are defined by three key characteristics:
Smart Amenities: Devices like smart lights, smart locks, doorbell cameras, and integrated services like home cleaning or package delivery.
Connectivity: Buildings are wired from the inside-out to connect devices, building systems, residents, and management.
Community Management: Creating a better living experience for residents by incorporating services that save time, money, and hassle.
Overall, smart apartments have integrated smart amenities, community management, and automation systems into one connected complex. This new way of living is not limited to new constructions. Older buildings can be renovated with these new technological innovations as apartments evolve.

The Future of Smart Apartments

This is not just an “in the future” concept; the future is already here. We just have to pass the finish line. Smart apartments are already making their way into society with all the new builds happening around you. Research has shown that many residents of apartments would much rather have smart home amenities compared to the traditional amenities like a pool or spa. Investing in smart appliances and smart HVACs has proven to save property owners around the world millions of dollars a year. It’s known that we are expecting to face serious challenges ahead, from affordable housing shortages to the growing climate changes. Smart apartments can put a dent in both of these big issues. Smart apartments are more than just a voice assistant in the kitchen; they represent the fundamental shift in how we live our lives. 

What Boomers Want: 3 Ways to Attract the 30%

Baby boomers are becoming 30 percent of apartment renters, selling their large homes after they become empty nesters. U.S. Census Data gathered by RENTCafe revealed that from 2007 to 2017, there was a 43 percent jump in the number of renters who were over age 60 living in cities with at least 100,000 residents.  Within the next decade, it is predicted that Baby Boomers will make up more than 30 percent of the rental market. What’s great about this statistic for multifamily properties is that Boomers tend to be financially stable and interested in stability. If they choose to rent with you, then it is likely they plan to stay awhile. Here’s what to keep in mind to attract this demographic:

  1. Amenities. Amenities. Amenities. (And a quick, dependable maintenance crew.) In 2018, Forbes writer Susan Tjarksen reported, “Baby boomer renters want a unit maintained for them while they travel: they want their pets watched, they want their plants watered, they want their groceries delivered. So, buildings that provide these services will have an easier time attracting the boomer demographic.” Downsizing is often done for the sake of an easier lifestyle. If your renters see that they can have a beautiful green yard without having to mow or weed it themselves, if they know that should they have a plumbing issue it will be repaired within a reasonable time frame, they’ll be happy calling your apartment complex home. This is why luxury apartments, such as the beautiful and conveniently located Vintage Burkitt Station in South Nashville, are so attractive to older renters.
  2. Community-building gathering spaces. Many boomers are only working part-time, which means they’re looking to fill their schedules with intentional socializing and even on-site programming. That means you want to invest in outdoor patios and grills, furniture that invites socializing in corners, and even regular clubs and lessons on your property. Consider coordinating with area businesses for cooking demos, wine tastings, or Bridge and Bunco nights. And don’t neglect the opportunity for sidewalks or a fitness center. You’d be surprised how well it can double as both a standing appointment and a social hour. “Health-oriented communities are huge, especially for the older and younger groups of renters,” writes Multifamily Executive’s Lindsay Machack. “The fitness center is always the No. 1 amenity.”
  3. Living space with square footage. Some Boomers will have a hard time parting with furniture and keepsakes, which means they may not be willing to adjust to as small of a space as, say, their millennial counterparts. This may make an open concept living space most desirable. You also want to try to offer storage by way of closets, a laundry space, or a garage.

Property Management for Luxury Apartments in Middle Tennessee

MMC Properties, Inc. has years of experience providing top-notch property management for both standard and luxury apartments. To see the difference working with a professional, local property management company can make, please get in touch with us to talk at (615) 849-9006!

Simple Tips for Adding a Guest Room to Your Apartment

Whether you have a one-bedroom apartment or three-bedroom, you can still create a space that guests will want to use when they come to visit you. Here are some tips for making your apartment guest room feel like home.

Comfort is Key

The most important feature in a guest bedroom is (you guessed it!) the bed. If you have a spare bedroom, you can create a nice guest bed without breaking the bank. Look at consignment shops or online resale services such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to find a gently used bed frame. If you’re able to, purchase a new mattress for the guest bed instead of repurposing an old one you already have. If you have a one bedroom apartment, you can still make room for guests by adding a sleeper sofa or even purchasing a blow-up mattress. Sleeper sofas are great because they are multi-purpose and won’t take up storage room like an air mattress would. Modern sleeper sofas have cleverly disguised mattresses and look just like normal sofas.
Make sure you use soft and breathable fabrics for the bed linens. No one wants a houseguest who didn’t get any sleep. Do a trial run by sleeping on the guest bed yourself for a night or two. By doing this, you can make sure the bedding is comfortable and there is nothing that may cause your guests discomfort.

Like a Hotel, but Better

Another top tip for creating a guest room is to base it off of the best hotel you’ve ever stayed in. What made the stay so memorable? One thing you can easily do to make your guest room (or “room”) feel like a 5 star hotel is to focus on the little things. Just like a hotel, you want your guest room to be a home away from home for visiting family and friends. It’s important to stock the room with anything your guests may have forgotten, such as extra blankets and robes, clothes hangers, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper, soap and shampoo, a hair dryer, and even extra phone chargers. If you do not have a separate room, you can still keep these items on hand for guests who visit.

Keep Them Entertained

Guests need entertainment as well as comfort. Add a shelf with a few books or magazines on various topics. Make sure to provide a bedside light so guests can comfortably do their reading snuggled up under the blankets. If you put a TV in the guest room, consider leaving your streaming services logged in and create a “guest” user for them to browse on. Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to write the Wifi password in a place that’s easy to find!

One, Two, and Three Bed Apartments in Murfreesboro and Surrounding Areas

If you need a new apartment in a professionally managed community with room for guests, look no further than MMC Properties.

Luxury Apartment Landscaping Benefits – More Than Just Looks

While an expertly manicured apartment complex certainly does look nice, did you know that professional landscaping provides more than just a pretty sight? Professional landscaping services can help residents feel comfortable paying higher rents as well as help the environment and help create cleaner air.

More Valuable Units

Curb appeal goes a long way when it comes to renters choosing an apartment complex to reside in. If the grounds are dilapidated and neglected, odds are it won’t look very attractive to prospective renters. They may assume that the lack of care for the grounds extends to a lack of care for residents.

Grounds that have been tended to by professional landscapers, on the other hand, will not only increase the curb appeal of the apartments, but it will also show potential renters that the management cares about pleasing their residents. Vacancies will get filled much more quickly than they would in a complex that does not have immediate curb appeal. This is especially important for luxury apartments in Murfreesboro and Nashville.

Environmental Impact

There are many environmental benefits to having your complex’s grounds cared for by professionals.

First of all, strategically placed tall bushes and trees can provide natural shade, keeping units cool in the summer. This means residents’ air conditioning system will not have to work as hard, leading to lower energy bills, a benefit many renters will appreciate.

On top of potential energy savings, proper landscaping will limit the amount of stormwater runoff, helping control high waters in flood-prone areas such as parking lots. Proper storm water runoff designs are best left to the professionals, so contact your local lawn care experts if high water levels affect your complex during storms.

Soil preservation is another benefit of professional landscaping. The earth will hold water more effectively and not lose as much to evaporation, meaning that you will need to use as much water to care for the complex grounds.

Health Benefits

Plants soak up carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis, meaning they practically act as air filters for the earth. More plants means more of that fresh air that we all love getting from being outdoors. Some plants are better suited for certain regions, so be sure to consult with a landscaping expert to learn which plants are best for Middle Tennessee.

Nice landscaping also promotes a healthier lifestyle by encouraging more outdoor activities. Beautiful landscaping also provides a relaxing place for residents to unwind and shake off the stress of a long day of work.

Professional Property Management Middle TN

MMC is experienced in managing apartment complexes across the Middle Tennessee area. We believe that landscaping is an incredibly important feature of luxury apartments, and we take pride in the appearance of our luxury apartments.

Advantages of Living in a Luxury Apartment

When some people think of apartment living, they picture a cramped, outdated space where the walls are thin and the sink is always leaking. This idea is generally misinformed, and there are many apartments with both updated features and reasonable pricing. However if you want to experience a lifestyle that’s a step above the average, you should look into renting a luxury apartment. Here are some of the advantages of living in a luxury apartment complex.

You Will Feel Safer in Your Home

Part of the luxury of these types of apartment complexes is that they are usually located in an ideal area. In addition to favorable locations, luxury apartments often have increased security measures that regular apartments simply do not have. These can include extra security guards, cameras, and other methods of protecting your possessions.

You Will Live in a Beautiful, Comfortable Environment

Luxury apartments often boast features such as large rooms, updated appliances, and stylish features like hardwood style floors, walk-in closets, and other premium touches. In a luxury apartment, all of the colors, finishes, and styles are designed to complement each other. You won’t find any outdated design features in a luxury apartment!

It’s not just the interior of your apartment that will impress; it’s also the grounds. Luxury apartments often have professionally landscaped and maintained grounds that you will be proud to see each day. You will also likely get to enjoy access to top-of-the-line amenities such as luxury pools and fitness centers. Luxury apartments staff and service people are another drawing point. The high standards of customer service means your requests and concerns will be addressed in a timely manner by courteous professionals.

You Will Experience Fewer Maintenance Concerns

Luxury apartments are made using updated, high quality materials and appliances. Since the intention is to provide a truly luxurious living experience, it makes sense that only the best would be used. With higher quality building materials and home appliances, you will experience less mechanical failure within your apartment. This means you can spend less time waiting on maintenance workers to show up and more time enjoying your gorgeous apartment.

You can gain the advantages of the luxury apartment life by renting an apartment through MMC. We have luxury apartments in Murfreesboro and South Nashville that will not disappoint those looking for a premium living situation. Get in touch with us to find your luxury apartment today.